On-Hold Messages

We make it really simple to add an effective, professionally-crafted message as the finishing touch to your business, practice or organization.

And best of all…

Our service is based on a simple month-to-month agreement.

Our unique process:

  • First;  our script creation begins with detailed, pertinent research so that even while on hold, your audience will experience the truest flavor of what you provide for them.

  • Second, and very important;  we take every opportunity to not only mention your web address, but to also tell your callers what they will find by logging-on. We describe your website in luring detail, creating the interest that will move many of your callers to log on even as they are on hold. Besides increasing visits and getting your address saved to more browsers, it’s the next-best thing to walking them into your physical location for a look-around.

  • Then;  the professional voicing will create that all-important positive first impression we all strive for.

  • Finally;  the background music is carefully added-in at optimized volume levels that blend perfectly throughout the message.

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